It was love of windsurfing and the promise of great conditions that first brought my husband and me to Maui in 1991. Stoked by trade winds that blow 20+ knots at Kanaha Beach most afternoons in summer, there's no standing around waiting for the wind to come up.  The intensity of the scene starts my heart racing as soon as I step out of the car.

Photographing on Maui proved more difficult.  Accustomed to the diversity and grit of Chicago beaches, I was at a loss to begin when surrounded by tourist resorts and the stunningly beautiful views common here to the point of cliché.  Over time, we stayed in less well-traveled parts of the island and met local families at the windsurfing beach. Still, each summer I arrive wondering what is left to photograph… until I discover a new place, a fresh perspective on familiar haunts, and intriguing subjects.  In 25 summers I’ve captured tremendous change and have come to understand more about the complicated realities of life on Maui.